Beatrice LH4 - Dante/AES67 Visual Indicator Light

Beatrice LH4 - Dante/AES67 Visual Indicator Light

Model Number: Beatrice LH4

Brand: Glensound - Dante Intercom

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The Beatrice LH4 (or Lighthouse as we refer to it internally), is a Dante or AES67 network audio indicator light. It receives 4 channels from the network. The user can assign different colours to each of these channels from a choice of 6 so the user will know which channel has audio as the LH4 will illuminate. The audio level threshold and the amount of time the LH4 remains illuminated is user configurable.
As well as audio indication the LH4 also receives the Beatrice 20Khz call signal that can be sent from other Beatrice units. When receiving a call signal the LH4 will flash the relevant colour. The duration of the flash is user configurable.
The LH4 also has an audio output, a speaker, and has a single network audio connection for audio and power via PoE.

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