DIGIMIC CMic ONE Bundle - TM58/6 Version

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DIGIMIC CMic ONE Bundle - TM58/6 Version

Model Number: 05.0153

Brand: Brahler

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The new CMic ONE offers you improved technology in a slim design.

The CMic ONE allows cost-effective cabling with RJ45 connectors, which also allows faster installation. A new circuit design reduces power consumption and allows more microphone stations to be connected to a DIGIMIC central unit.

With the new CMic ONE, conferences be can conducted optimally.

The CMic ONE has integrated loudspeakers for decentralised sound reinforcement, which automatically switch off when the microphone is activated.

The TM58/6 or optionally the TMD01 microphone is included in the scope of delivery.



* Low energy consumption
* Cost-effective RJ45 cabling
* Fast installation
* Microphone button lights up red when speaking, flashes when request-to-speak

Digital Audio:

* 2 RJ45 connectors
* 3.5mm jack socket with central volume control


* Front panel: Aluminum painted
* Housing: plastic
* WxHxD: 139x22x142
*Weight: approx. 400 g


Requried system components

* DCen32 Artical no.: 05.0050
* DCen mini Artical no.: 05.0410

Optional components:

* DExt Artical No.: 05.0020
* CChair ONE TM58 Artical No.: 05.0173
* CChair ONE TMD Artical no.: 05.0174

Software (optional):

BrahlerOS conference software for network-based conrol of all DIGIMIC system components. Fast and easy configuration of all delegate units from a central location.

With MicControl you control your conference from anywhere inside the conference network.

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- ex works
- plus VAT (if applicable)

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