GDC-6432-dCCU - Digital Comms Base Station

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GDC-6432-dCCU - Digital Comms Base Station

Model Number: GDC-6432-dCCU

Brand: Glensound - Commentary

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Commentators Equipment (2 Parts System)

(with copper or fiber Ethernet interface) (fiber has SFP connection and requires SFP module (not included))

dCCU digital Commentary Control Unit

The dCCU is the 1U subrack base station of the GDC 6432. It contains the main audio IO, processing engine, and the main operational controls.

The front panel allows gain adjustment, phantom power and talkback for all commentators. The other talkbacks are also available.

There are 5 rotary encoders to control the output mix - the 3 commentators, the line input, and the international sound input.. Selecting one of these inputs to adjust the level, brings it onto the output PPM meter so you get a visual indication of the output level setting. The monitoring is also switched to the selected mixer channel. 

Both digital line idents are recordable/controlable from the from panel and allow a voice recording from the front panel mic, then line up tone before looping. Although they are preset to the programme, and co-ord output, they can be configured to play on any output.

Monitoring of all inputs is available via the front panel 6.35mm headphone socket. There are individual levels controls for the left and right ear, with the right typically containing programme audio, and the left being a separate monitored source. A rotary encoder selects the source to monitor and pressing the encoder adds it to the monitor mix. In this way any of the 1-16 inputs can be mixed for monitoring.

There is a front panel mic, and connection for an external mic.

The rear panel contains:
1. 9 pin d-types for audio IO.
2. Word clock input
3. USB for configuration updates
4. 15 pin d-type for the 8 DC loops
5. RJ45 socket for Ethernet control
6. Coax and Ethernet link(copper or fibre) for connection to dCU/3 Commentators' Unit
7. 25 pin d-type expansion port for linking monitoring and talkback in multiple unit systems.

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