GS-GC11 - Multi Wire Commentators Base Station

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GS-GC11 - Multi Wire Commentators Base Station

Model Number: GS-GC11

Brand: Glensound - Commentary

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Commentators Equipment (2 Parts System)

Extended Base Station For Multiwire Commentators System

Glensound CO-AXIAL commentators equipment is an industry standard for international events with a large number of commentators. This multi wire equipment was developed for use with fewer commentators but where sound quality is of particular importance.

The system consists of 1, 2 or 3 commentators boxes type GSGC2 along with a base station.

There is a choice of base station. The first and simplest is a GSGC3 which is basically a power unit and break out box to handle up to 3 GSGC2s. A more comprehensive base station is our GSGC11 whose facilities include mixing and monitoring circuits. Interconnection between base station and boxes is using 25 way multiwire cables terminated in 25 way plugs & sockets.

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