GS-GC19B - Cat 5 Commentators Box

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GS-GC19B - Cat 5 Commentators Box

Model Number: GS-GC19B

Brand: Glensound - Commentary

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Commentators Equipment (2 Parts Systems)

Commentary Box for CAT5 system

This CAT 5 system is very popular in studios where having small, individual commentary boxes is an advantage. The two programme outputs also make it very useful when the same event may require two separate commentary outputs.

For example, two separate programmes in different languages, or one programme for the 2D commentary and the other for the 3D commentary. The CAT5 link also provides a high audio quality level. A very versatile all round commentary system.

GS-GC19B Commentators’ Unit

A rear panel XLR is available for a single mic or line input with a small rear panel gain control. There is a top panel mic on/off push button where the input features a preset compressor/limiter.

There are 3 push buttons for the 3 talkback circuits and additional pushbuttons for talkback to the other commentators or to the producer's box.

There are 6 variable pots for monitoring of 6 individual sources where each source has left/both/right headphone switching. For headphone monitoring, there is a 6.35mm jack socket on the front and rear panel.

This unit is powered from the GS-GC21B via the CAT5 connection.

The remote unit links back to the GS-GC21B are all via CAT5. This link carries bi-directional audio information, data, and power, and has a maximum useable distance of 150m.

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