GS-GC24A - Portable ISDN Unit

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GS-GC24A - Portable ISDN Unit

Model Number: GS-GC24A

Brand: Glensound - Other

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ISDN RANGE (Portable)

Compact & Simple Reporter's / Commentator's ISDN Codec / Mixer

The GSGC24A has an inbuilt three channel mixer, each of the channels are mic/ line switchable and have +12v phantom power available. Each of these channels has a gain control, large on/off pushbuttons & an on indicating LED. The mixed output of these channels are fed through a compressor/ limiter and are sent to the Codec, this output is also on a rear panel phono socket. There is a 7 LED PPM for indication of the mixer output level.

One internal headphone amplifier is provided, with the output in parrallel on 2 front panel A or B guage jack sockets. Two front panel pots control the level to the headphone amplifier of the output of the mixer and the return cue from the Codec.

A record output (on a rear panel phono socket) is a mix of the output of the GSGC24As mixer and the return programme cue line.

A cue output (the return audio from the codec) is available on a rear panel phono socket.

For ISDN line dialling, answering and Codec set up functions a front panel keypad is provided. The G722/ G711 Codec has a large green LED to show when Codec lock is O.K. and also a large red LED to show when an ISDN line is open.

The GSGC24A can be powered from 2 cells (approximate battery life of 4 hours) or an external plug top psu. If it is being powered from the external supply and the supply fails the batteries will automatically take over. A front panel LED shows when the GSGC25 is switched on and flashes to indicate when battery level is low.

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