GS-GC3 - Multi Wire Commentators Base Station

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GS-GC3 - Multi Wire Commentators Base Station

Model Number: GS-GC3

Brand: Glensound - Commentary

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Commentators Equipment (2 Parts System)

Glensound CO-AXIAL commentators equipment is an industry standard for international events with a large number of commentators. We have now developed equipment for use with fewer commentators but where sound quality is of particular importance. The system consists of 1, 2 or 3 commentators boxes type GSGC2 along with a base station.

There is a choice of base station. The first and simplest is a GSGC3 which is basically a power unit and break out box to handle up to 3 GSGC2s. A more comprehensive base station is our GSGC11 whose facilities include mixing and monitoring circuits.

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