GS-GX3/ISDN - Twin G722/G711 ISDN Module

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GS-GX3/ISDN - Twin G722/G711 ISDN Module

Model Number: GS-GX3/ISDN

Brand: Glensound - Other

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2 x G722/G711 codecs with an integral multi format terminal adaptor. This is the 'talking' codec that provides voice announcements for easy operator use.

Monitoring Loudspeaker
As well as providing the codecs and terminal adaptor, this module adds a small front panel monitoring loudspeaker. This loudspeaker either follows the return audio of the codec that is selected via the codec toggle switch, or can be over-plugged via a local input on the rear of the module. The LS volume control adjusts the volume coming out of the loudspeaker.

Codec Switch
The toggle switch is used to select which codec the key pad is dialling for or can be set to ‘safe’ which disengages the keypad.

Break Jack Inputs
The rear of the module has break jack inputs to allow audio to be plugged directly into the send channel of either the codecs. The codec receive outputs can be used for feeding external equipment or over plugging into particular mixer channels.

Additional output of the mono mix on the rear of the module.

Please note: the loudspeaker only comes with the mixing desk if an ISDN module is fitted.

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