GS-GX3/PROD - Producers Box

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GS-GX3/PROD - Producers Box

Model Number: GS-GX3/PROD

Brand: Glensound - Other

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The producer's box connects to the desk via D25 connectors (on both producers box and the mixer) of which a 1.5 metre ‘D’ cable is provided with the producers box. This supplies all the audio and the power to operate the producers box.

The producer can listen to two main sources, the main mono output mix and the cue feed which has individual volume controls for each.

The producer can listen to the first 10 inputs of the mixer which all have individual volume controls and can be turned off via toggle switches. When switched on, the audio will only be present in the left ear.

Headphone Feeds
The producer can talk individually into the headphone feeds of the first 10 channels of the mixer by pressing the momentary button for each channel. This routs the producers mic into the right ear of the headphone feed of the channel being talked to.

Programme and Cue
The mic input has a 3 position gain switch and an A/B gauge headphone jack on the front panel. The two main sources (programme and the cue) have their own volume control and are only present in the right ear.

Headphone Output
The headphone 1/4 inch A/B Gauge Switchcraft jack located at the front of the box.

Producers Mic Input
The producers microphone input uses a balanced XLR and has a toggle switch to select 3 different gain levels including one which has 12V phantom power available.

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