GS-MPI-TRRS - Mobile Phone Audio Interface

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GS-MPI-TRRS - Mobile Phone Audio Interface

Model Number: GS-MPI-TRRS

Brand: Glensound - Telephones

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Mobile Phone Audio Interface

This is a brand new mobile phone interface designed to interface broadcaster's cell phones to professional audio equipment. Bi-directional audio is sent to and from the cell phone and the audio desk which allows audio apps on the phone such as WhatsApp or FaceTime to be utilised for on-Air or archiving purposes.

The GS-MPI-TRRS (Glensound-Mobile Phone Interface-Tip Ring Ring Sleeve) is a professional broadcast audio interface for connecting domestic mobile phones to broadcast equipment via the phones analogue headphone/ microphone jack socket.
It converts a line level output from your broadcast equipment to a microphone circuit for providing audio to your mobile phone, while simultaneously taking the headphone output of your mobile phone and converting it to balanced line level outputs for interfacing to your broadcast equipment.

Easy to use front panel level controls for adjusting levels between the phone and your broadcast device, phone charging points and professional audio quality makes this unit ideal for use in busy news rooms and studios.

Works With Apple & Android Phones

Apple and some Android phones have different wiring standards of the 4 pin 3.5mm TRRS headset jack. A simple to use and clearly labelled front panel switch makes it very quick and easy for the user to select which of the 2 wiring standards needs to be selected for interfacing to their phone.

4 x Phone Charging Points

Four USB charging points are provided to allow phones to be charged while connected to the GS-MPI-TRRS. Two charging points are located on the front panel and a further two are located on the rear.

Each charging point can supply 500mA.

Balanced and Un-balanced Audio Connections

For complete versatility of interfacing to all types of audio broadcast equipment both balanced and unbalanced bi-directional stereo audio circuits are provided in parallel. This makes connections to such devices as news room PCs that only have unbalanced audio inputs and outputs as easy as connecting to your on air radio desk with balanced audio circuits in a studio.

Front Panel PPM & Level Control For Audio From Phone
Although the audio levels from recordings on mobile phones should be at fairly consistent levels between tracks in reality there is often a wide range of audio levels that need to be dealt with. Therefore an easy to view front panel level meter (PPM style) is provided to give a quick clear reference to the outgoing audio level from the phone. Conveniently located next to the meter is a level control providing a means for the operator to adjust the audio to a suitable level.

Level Control For Audio To Phone

To help provide a crystal clear audio signal to the operator’s mobile phone a front panel wide range level control is provided to allow the user to adjust the level between the output of the broadcast device and the input of the phone.

Mains & DC Powered

For maximum flexibility and reliability the GS-MPI-TRRS can be powered from mains (100 - 240 VAC) or an external DC (+/-12v) DC input. If both power sources are connected then they operate to provide redundancy on the power supply.

Front Panel & Rear Panel Phone Connections

Both a front panel 4 pin TRRS (tip ring ring sleeve) jack socket and a rear panel 5 pin XLR socket are provided for audio connectivity to the mobile phone. The front panel socket makes it easy for the operator to see what is connected and the rear panel XLR is perfect for a studio that needs a permanent interface solution.

Simple To Use

The GS-MPI-TRRS was originally designed for one of our customer’s specific requirements and in particular their requirement was to make the device easy and intuitive to use for journalists. Therefore the ergonomics of the unit have been designed specifically with this in mind and customer feed back has been excellent.

Preset Output Gain

To allow connection to a wide range of different mobile phone handsets a rear panel preset gain control is provided that allows the microphone output level to the phone to be adjusted.

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