GS-MPI005HD/1 - Rackmount 7 kHz Glensound HD Voice Broadcasters' Mobile Phone with 1 x Phone Module

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GS-MPI005HD/1 - Rackmount 7 kHz Glensound HD Voice Broadcasters' Mobile Phone with 1 x Phone Module

Model Number: GS-MPI005HD/1

Brand: Glensound - Telephones

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Mobile Phone (3G UMTS HD Voice, 2G GSM)

The GS-MPI005 HD is based on the same technology as the GS-MPI004 HD portable mobile phone, but putting it all together in a 1RU 19 inch subrack designed for permanent installation in an outside broadcast truck or studio and the GS-MPI004 HD is a portable unit.

Both ends of the connection must be AMR-WB compatible for a HD Voice connection. The GS-MPI005HD is therefore the perfect HD Voice partner for the portable Broadcasters' Mobile Phone GS-MPI004 HD.

The GS-MPI005 HD is mains powered from a switch mode power supply (100-240V) making it suitable for use of any standard mains power around the world and is perfect for an outside broadcast van power supply.  It can be specified with a 12V DC input. 
User Upgradable
The GS-MPI005HD can be fitted with an additional 1 or 2 separate mobile phones. Each of the phones has its own rear panel balanced audio connections on XLR, it's own aerial connection and it's own front panel controls and SIM card holder.  Extra modules can be retro fitted by the customer at any time.  Extra modules have the order code GS-MPI005HD/EP.
Remote Control
A rear panel RJ45 connects to our own desktop controller the GS-MPI005HD/REMD for full and simple control next to an operators position.  There is also a USB for connection to a PC.  This allows control by systems such as BNCS, or our own PC based software controller, GS-MPI005HD/REMS.  Details of both of these remotes is available by clicking below.
To make broadcasting from anywhere in the World easy the GS-MPI005HD has a QUAD BAND GSM interface as well as 3G UMTS.  This allows connectivity with most of the Worlds mobile phone networks and a SIM card holder, accessible via the front panel, allows different network SIMs or roaming SIM cards to be quickly and easily fitted or changed.
The HD Voice audio quality is explained on the next tab, but what about 2G GSM quality? Because the GS-MPI004HD has a digital GSM module the audio quality is the best you will ever get from a phone network. With the audio being in the digital domain separation between the go and return channels is 100% which far outperforms even the very best standard wired telephone hybrids. 

Our chief engineer has spent a long time perfecting the compressor/ limiter circuit and the audio input circuits to the phone network for you, the result means that you only need to roughly set the input level and the high quality electronics will make sure that your signal is sent without distortion to the studio.

The GS-MPI005 HD is available in a European and a non European version.  The non European version has a 3G frequency of 850 mHz.

All other features of the GS-MPI005 HD are the same as the standard GS-MPI005.  Please click on it below for information.

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