GS-MPITBU004 - HD Voice Broadcasters' Mobile Phone and Digital Hybrid

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GS-MPITBU004 - HD Voice Broadcasters' Mobile Phone and Digital Hybrid

Model Number: GS-MPITBU004

Brand: Glensound - Telephones

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Mobile Phone (3G UMTS HD Voice, 2G GSM)

The GS-MPITBU features a digital TBU and a Glensound Broadcasters' Mobile Phone. Both lines can be connected simultaneously so that when there is a need for a quick change, a simple flick of the routing switch changes from TBU to mobile or vice versa. 

Line connection is via a standard RJ11 connector to a fixed POTS line. A standard keypad is used on the front panel where a single on/off hook switch is used to dial and receive calls. A large red LED illuminates when connected and turns off when disconnected. A sounder provides indication of incoming calls which can be disabled via the switch for studio environments. Using presets, separate audio level controls for both the input and output of the TBU can be established. 

Audio Routing
Using a low profile 2 way switch located in the centre of the front panel, incoming and outgoing audio can be routed to either the POTS TBU or the mobile phone module.

Audio Inputs and Outputs
The common electronically balanced XLR input and output is located on the rear of the panel. A 6.35mm jack headphone socket is provided on the front of the mobile phone panel for listen only monitoring.

Extended Aerial Options
As standard, an SMA aerial connector is fitted on phone module for aerial location up to 3m away. This can be changed for an N-Type to allow aerial connections up to 50m away.

Standard mains 100-240 Volts (or optional 12V PSU) is used to power all features of the sub rack.

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