Interpreter Box

Interpreter Box

Model Number: Interpreter Box

Brand: Glensound - Other

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Simultaneous Interpretation

The Interpreter Box provides a dedicated solution for those requiring a simultaneous interpretation unit for a single user.
There is a single mic input which can be connected via a rear panel or top panel XLR socket.  This input is switchable on the rear between a dynamic input or a 48v phantom power input.  There is also an adjustable gain pot on the rear, with a front panel meter to help with setting the input level.  Glensound's Referee compressor/limiter system can be switched on or off but is recommended to prevent input clipping.  
The top panel XLR socket is suitable for gooseneck microphones.  The mic can be switched on or off via a top panel toggle switch.  'Mic on' is indicated via a very large and clear top panel light, so that the user can clearly see the mic status.  There is also a separate momentary 'cough' button which mutes the mic output.
There is a single headphone amplifier that is available on a 6.35mm jack socket or on a 3.5mm jack socket.  These connections are paralleled and available via the front panel or the rear panel.  There is an external (floor) input to monitor the audio to be interpreted.  You can also monitor a separate Interpreter Box (language) - see detail under CM Bus below.  The monitored audio can be adjusted for level and has two band EQ. 
The rear panel also contains two RJ45 sockets for CAT 5 linking multiple Interpreter boxes together.
The CM bus carries audio between units and control logic.
If two or more units are linked together on the CM bus then:
• The output of all the linked boxes will be the same
• The last interpreter to turn their microphone on will be sending audio to the output
• Turning a microphone on on one box will turn the microphone off on any linked boxes
The CM bus also provides the 'Language' input to the Interpreters headphone feed. This is the same audio as is being sent to the output and allows one interpreter to follow anothers interpreted output instead of the floor input.
The main out is available via a balanced rear panel XLR plug, or in parallel with an unbalanced RCA phono socket.
Mains Powered
The unit is powered by a low noise internal switch mode mains power supply. It accepts any AC voltage input from 100 - 240 VAC. The input is a professional filtered IEC socket. 

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