M.1K2 Mainframe

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M.1K2 Mainframe

Model Number: DORTR0901

Brand: DirectOut

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Shipping of mainframe only with two I/O modules or at least with cover plates (NO.I/O) for safety and stabilty reasons. Two I/O slots can be equipped with different I/O modules (coaxial BNC, optical SC, SFP), e.g. SC/BNC, SC/SC, BNC/BNC, SFP/SFP

Main frame of scalable, powerful and extreme reliable 1024x1024 channel MADI routing system for use with one or two I/O modules, supports Doppelgaenger (device mirroring), automation (via integrated LUA engine), PolySync (different clock references), Remote Access (via Telnet, Pro-Bel, SWP-08 (network und serial), MIDI, Jupiter, JSON, SNMP (v1/v2)), user and snap shot management, labeling, 57channel and bit transparency mode (switchable per port), I/O modules or cover plates have to be ordered seperately, free 'globcon' software for unified control via OS X, Windows and Linux (under development)

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