MADI SC.IO MM module (Prodigy, SG.Madi)

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MADI SC.IO MM module (Prodigy, SG.Madi)

Model Number: DOMIO0006

Brand: DirectOut

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Important Information: all our devices with optical SC MADI port support multi mode fiber as standard. Single (or mono) mode fiber is also available on request and has to be ordered seperatly according to paragraph 'Single Mode Modifications' on page 4 of this price list.

EXBOX SERIES - compact MADI Converters and Embedder/De-Embedder

MADI I/O module for PRODIGY.MC, SG.MADI, EXBOX.BLDS modular version, one MADI port, optical multi mode SC transceiver - not compatible with MONTONE.42

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