Prodigy.MP Mainframe Multifunction Audio Processor

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Prodigy.MP Mainframe Multifunction Audio Processor

Model Number: DOPRDG002

Brand: DirectOut

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Please note: PRODIGY mainframe does not include any I/O modules, please find the required options under 'I/O modules'. SFP transceivers can be located under Accessories'

PRODIGY.MP frame device, excl. optional interface modules, incl. cover plates populated to interface slots, DSP (EQ, Delay, Summing etc.), 4x local slots for analog line-level/mic input and AES3 modules, 2x MADI slots (for BNC, SC optical or SFP modules) and 2x network audio options (for Dante, RAVENNA/AES67 or SoundGrid), control via 5" touch screen, globcon software for Mac/PC/Linux and browser-based GUI, capabilities for external control protocols, dedicated Ethernet control ports (2x RJ45, 1x SFP), 2x headphone outputs (1x 6.3 mm TRS jack, 1x 3.5 mm TRS jack), 2x WCK I/O (1 input also accepts VIDEO Sync), 2x GPIO, USB 2.0, MIDI I/O, channel based routing for up to 416 inputs and 420 outputs, 192 kHz, 2x redundant PSU

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