Solo Loop - Single Position Commentary with Units that Link Together

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Solo Loop - Single Position Commentary with Units that Link Together

Model Number: Solo Loop

Brand: Glensound - Commentary

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Commentators Equipment (Stand Alone Systems)

The Glensound Solo Loop features the same functionality as the Glensound Solo but extends to incorporate a single talkback circuit and facility to link multiple units using the Glensound CMBus. 

The Glensound Solo Loop has the same features as the Glensound Solo with the following additional elements.

Additional Features on the Glensound Solo Loop

The Glensound Solo Loop introduces a talkback circuit on XLR using a transformer coupled balanced output. 

Glensound has developed the 'Current Mixing System' (CMBus) enabling audio circuits to be connected together and mixed using screened Cat5 cables. Unlike traditional voltage mix techniques which can be very noisy and unstable when used over screened Cat5 cables in electrically noisy enviroments (i.e. an outside broadcast), the Glensound Current Mixing Bus (CMBus) system is not susceptible to noise and interference and performs considerably better than traditional mixing methods.

The Glensound Solo Loop uses the CMBus technology to noiselessly link audio circuits between mutiple units. Three audio circuits are available on the Solo Loops CMBus.
1. The Programme Output: This mixes together all the PGM mic circuits and each PGM O/P on each Solo Loop provides a mix output of all PGM mics.
2. The Talkback Output: This mixes together all the outgoing talkback circuits and each TB O/P on each Solo Loop provides a mix of all the outgoing TB circuits
3. The Talkback Input: This mixes together any TB input circuits and shares the mixed audio between all Solo Loops.

The Programme input is not shared on the Solo Loops CMBus as this allows unique audio circuits to be provided to each announcer / commentator. 

Use the Glensound Solo Loop with the Talent Box
The Talent Box, Glensound's advanced commentary unit, uses the same CMBus linking technology. If desired, the Talent Box and the Glensound Solo Loop can be linked together enabling the smaller Glensound Solo Loop to act as a satellite commentary position to the larger Talent Box.

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